Fortieth birthday party, celebration and gift ideas. Happy 40th Birthday!

Welcome to, a celebration of hitting 40.
Bring on the big four oh!

If you, your partner or someone else you care about is about to turn 40, we have some suggestions as to how you can mark the occasion in appropriate style. As we all know, life begins at forty - and it’s only right that the beginning of someone’s life should be celebrated in a big way. This is not just any birthday, it’s a fortieth birthday and it’s time to push the boat out!

Celebrate your 40th birthday!We’ve got some ideas for presents, advice for the 40th birthday itself (both for the 40-turner and for his/her family), suggestions for how to celebrate your 40th birthday and what sort of party you could have, as well as some thoughts about 40th birthday travel.

Your fortieth birthday is a good time to start writing a journal, to record your new life as it unfolds. If you're feeling insecure about the future, writing out your worries can be cathartic and writing down your dreams helps you to focus them and makes them more likely to come true. If you're feeling confident about the future, it will be nice to look back, in years to come, on the story of life working out well for you.

Your fortieth birthday is also a good time to start living a bit more. Instead of mourning lost dreams, set yourself some new goals and set about achieving them. You’ve still got plenty of time and energy left (whatever you may think!), so get out there and make things happen! Aim to live at least 10% of your life outside your comfort zone. As your birthday approaches, people will be wondering what sort of present you might like. This can be a good opportunity to push and stretch yourself: you can ask your friends and family to support you in your new mission to learn a foreign language, go to the gym three times a week, learn to sing, learn to paint, learn to play chess or whatever it is you want to do. Choose something you will enjoy and that will stir your enthusiasm, and ask for lessons or the things you will need to carry out the new activity. If you think you might be overwhelmed by circumstances and not follow through on your mission, ask a friend to hold you accountable.

Your fortieth birthday is important, it is a celebration of YOU. It is an occasion to be savoured and enjoyed.

Fortieth birthday ideas

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