Fortieth birthday party, celebration and gift ideas. Happy 40th Birthday!

On your fortieth birthday…

Your 40th birthday is an occasion to be taken seriously and embraced. Here are some suggestions for you. (If you are not the imminent 40 year old, click here for some suggestions.)

Don’t even think about working!

If you haven’t booked a week or more off around your fortieth birthday, at the very least you must take the day itself off. Surround yourself with your favourite people and things and do whatever you want to do. This will take a bit of planning. Doing whatever you want to do is not a licence to slob on the sofa all day – you can do that any time. It means organising (or getting somebody else to organise) something luxurious and/or exciting to do, preferably something you have always wanted to do but have never done.

Buy yourself some new clothes for the day

You need to feel special on your fortieth birthday and wearing new clothes helps with that.

Indulge yourself

Within reason, forget the expense. Your fortieth birthday is a very special occasion, marking the beginning of your new life. If you want to have oysters and champagne at Fortnum & Mason’s or spend the night in a luxury hotel, do it.

Don’t allow other people to set the agenda (unless you want them to)

This is YOUR day and it should all be about YOU. If you don’t want a party, you don’t have to have one. If you want to spend your birthday abroad, do it. If you want to hire a riverboat and invite everyone you know to come and party on it, you do that.

As far as possible, make sure any surprises are good ones!

Drop heavy hints to your family and friends about the sort of thing you like and don’t like.

Enjoy being 40

If 60 is the new 40, 40 must be the new 25. The great thing about being forty in this day and age is that you can have the body of a 25 year old and the mind of a mature person who has learnt from his/her youthful mistakes and can now see the world more or less for what it is (your oyster!).